O  F     T  H  E     C  A  R  O  L  I  N  A  S

Custom Mosaics Accent Tile

Residential & Commercial

Backsplashes, Floors, Baths, Pools & More!

Stone and Porcelain Mosaic  
Floor medallions
Wall Accents
Stone, Porcelain, Glass
Hand Painted
Outdoor Driveway, Walkways
Patios, Pools and More  

“One of the most challenging aspects for a designer is communicating thoughts and idea's on design elements.

I've worked with Andi on various projects via email and phone and was able to convey

the design concept & details quite successfully. Both I and my clients have been extremely happy!

One of these days Andi and I will meet....I look forward to that day. “       LuJean C

Art  Mosaics of the Carolinas…where art is functional and your wishes become reality!

Andipepperney@gmail.com   www.artmosaicscarolina.com
Accent Tile Handcrafted Originals … New Catalog!
4x4, 6x6 inch inserts
Kitchen, Bath, Tables etc.
Accents Catalog