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I just can't enough of these wonderful and creative mosaics in my home. I get so many great comments on them. Andi is very creative and each piece has her heart and soul in it.  A piece of Art Mosaic in your home will make your home complete. Joanne Degatto

Art Mosaics were fantastic, providing a creative theme element to the Play Adventure Land Playground, working under pressure and coordinating volunteers as part of the community-build process”         Doug Schultz

Please get started on your masterpiece for my backsplash.  It is wonderful.  I am speechless at what I see.  You certainly did include everything I wanted and I know that some of the colors will be even brighter than they appear on this proof.  
I love your work and appreciate your attention to detail.    Pam Minter

 It is a dream come true, a focal point in the wide open space of our beach house and a conversation piece for all my family and guests.  Andi’s  creation has completed my beach house ambiance.        Pam Minter

Thanks go to YOU Andi for doing such a beautiful job. We get compliments on your piece every time someone
comes to the house. We just love it.    Melissa Block-Digiorgio

We adore the beautiful mosaic in our lobby that was created by Andi.
She is a wonderful person who truly cares for her clients.      Best Western Plus

One of the most challenging aspects for a designer is communicating thoughts and idea's on design elements.
I've worked with Andi on various projects via email and phone and was able to convey the design
concept & details quite successfully. Both I and my clients have been extremely happy!
One of these days Andi and I will meet....I look forward to that day.   LuJean Czark

If you are looking for a piece of art for your home or business that is beautiful, unique and functional......this is the place to find it! Andi can turn your ideas into reality. I have had the pleasure of seeing many of Andi's art-pieces with my own eyes. From the smallest accent pieces to large "statement" pieces, Andi's talent shines through. She takes an ancient art form and creates a totally unique and modern heirloom for your home or business. Please take the time to browse the photos.
Each mosaic is truly, one-of-a-kind.           Cathy Hurt

Andi is a wonderful artist who puts her client's needs and wants first. Andi works with her customers to create original designs, and executes them with precision. Materials of stone, porcelain and glass all blend to make the most awesome mosaics I have ever seen. I recommend Andi whole heartedly as a talented and professional mosaic artist.             Eve Cornel

The passion Andi has for her work astounds me. Her art is incredible and as I've had the privilege to visit her studio and showroom numerous times, I've come to appreciate even the smallest details of her work space. She has surrounded herself with functional pieces of art. I've also seen the result of her start-to-finish client interaction from idea conception, to sketches, to work-in-progress, to finished art piece.  Just incredible. If you want to best, get the best.              Dorien  Morin - van Dam


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